Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Not letting any self-doubt ever creep in my art room!

Yes, he is a GREAT painter but wasn't feeling like one today, so I fashioned him his own positive speech bubble so he could keep "repeating" that he is GREAT!

First grade builders: AMAZING to see how they each think differently when given free choice to "solve a problem"!

Working together to make a habitat for their lizard and white Bengal Tiger...
Constructing some "pop-up" grasslands for the deer
Building a cave to keep the elephant safe from the lava!
A team working to make a habitat for all four animals they were given...

Who knew a reindeer and a kangaroo could live happily ever after in the same habitat?
Can you find the leopard?
I bet this giraffe is quite content in his new home...
Can you spot the lizard?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Portraits alllllllllllmost done...too excited to share!

We put our work together at the end of class to compliment each other on such fearless color mixing and blending!
Awesome job, Jacob!
Paige is a fearless painter...love the energy!
Great use of your analogous colors, Lucy!

Blending Analogous Colors in the style of Silberwitzig

Yellow can "play" with green OR yellow because they are yellows "next door neighbors"!
Bringing out some pattern once the paint is dry with oil pastel

Monday, October 31, 2016

Exploring Analogous Colors and Portratis of Silberwitzeig...WOOHOO!

What colors can you live next to?  Students took different colored houses and had to build an ANALOGOUS neighborhood!

Breaking out the drawing boards to get the basics of the portrait art of Sandra Silberwizeig
Mixing our own colors using those ANALOGOUS colors and blending, blending, blending those colors!